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Journal of Advanced Statistics

On Some Limit Properties for (an, (n))-Asymptotic Circular Markov Chains

Download PDF (549.1 KB) PP. 31 - 43 Pub. Date: September 1, 2018

DOI: 10.22606/jas.2018.33002


  • Dabin Zhang*
    School of Mathematics and Physics, AnHui University of Technology, Ma’anshan, 243002, China
  • Yun Dong
    School of Mathematics, Maanshan Teachers’ College, Maanshan, 243041, China


The purpose of this article is to obtain some limit properties for (an, (n))-Asymptotic Circular Markov Chains. This paper firstly presents some limit theorems of delayed sums for finite (an, (n))-Asymptotic Circular Markov Chains and then establishes the generalized Shannon- McMillan-Breiman theorem [1, 2, 3, 4].


(an, (n))-asymptotic circular Markov Chain, delayed sum, generalized Shannon- McMillan theorem.


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